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Contact Lens Care and Safety Tips From Our Optometrist in Brickell


A contact lens is an easy and effective way to take care of your eyesight when you prefer to not wear eyeglasses. However, there are few things that our best eye doctors in Brickell at Eyes on Brickell wants you to keep in mind when you wear contacts.

If you want your lenses to be long-lasting, clean them to remove any buildup that could affect your vision. We’re sharing this blog post to contacts-wearers on how to properly store, wash, and wear their contacts.

Clean Your Contact Lens on a Regular Basis

Since Contact Lenses sit directly on the eye, they can introduce bacteria and other gems to your eyes. Make a habit of cleaning your contact lenses on a regular basis. There are different types of contacts available and each contact lens has different cleaning process, make sure to follow the specific instructions for your contacts’ type. In general, you should be cleaning and disinfecting them after taking them out and before you wear them. Besides that, don’t forget to wash your hands before putting your contacts in.

Avoid Water and Use Solution

Whether you’re cleaning or storing your contacts, always use fresh contact lens solution. Don’t wash them with water and don’t reuse old solution. Since different contacts require a certain type of solution, visit our eye boutique and ask our optometrist Brickell about the solution you need for your contacts to ensure you’re using the right one.

Don’t Swim, Sleep and Shower in your Contact Lens

Sleeping with your contact lenses can increase the risk of eye infection by 6-8 times while germs in the water may stick to contacts that lead to various eye problems. If you’re doing any of these activities while your contact lenses in, you will put yourself at increased risk of many eye infections such as microbial keratitis, redness, swelling, itching, eye pain, and in the worst case they cause blindness.

Wash and Dry your Contact Lens Case

Your contact lens case can attract a lot of germs and bacteria, it’s important to wash and air dry it after taking your contacts out. Make sure to wash it with a solution, not water, and replace it at least every three to four months.

Contact our Optometrist in Brickell

If you’re searching for new contact lenses Brickell, please contact Eyes on Brickell Eye Boutique to make an appointment. Our Best Eye Doctors in Miami will help you find the right contact lenses as per your need and budget.

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