Eyes on Brickell: Red-Bloodshot Eyes: Why It Happens & How To Treat It?

Red-Bloodshot Eyes: Why It Happens & How To Treat It?


Red Bloodshot eyes is the most common eye problem that everyone faces once in a while. It indicates several health problems like – eye irritation and inflammation. It is usually painless and occurs when the blood vessels on the surface of your eye expand or dilate.

Red Eyes itself is not a matter of over concern till it is not accompanied by pain, itching or visual disturbance. If you ever have bloody eyes coupled with pain then surely it is the matter to discuss with your Red Eye Doctor in Miami. It is always beneficial to take advice from an Eye Doctor in South Beach but for an instant relief, you should try some home remedies depending upon the cause with which your eyes have become bloody.

Most Common Causes of Red Eye Problems and their Home Remedies:

1. Dry Eyes: Dry Eyes triggers eye irritation and inflammation. When there are not enough natural tears to lubricate the front part of your eye then eyes become dry and red. It is the most common problem in adults over 50 but youngsters who spend a lot of time in front of PC’s or Laptops are also affected by this disease.

How To Treat It: Artificial tears can help treat dry eye problems by keeping the eyes lubricated. It can also be cured by blinking your eyes more while working on your computer.

2. Seasonal Allergies: Allergies can cause the most noticeable symptom which we all experience every now and then i.e Bloodshot eyes. Allergies make your eyes itchy and you end up rubbing them harshly which causes redness in eyes.

How To Treat It: Splashing ice water on your face and eyes is the best way to treat such seasonal allergies. You can also place cucumber slices dipped into cold water on your closed eyes to ease the redness and rest your eyes.

3. Not Taking Enough Sleep: The most obvious cause of bloody eyes is a lack of sleep. Whether it is due to watching late night movies or sleeplessness, it is harmful to your eyes.

How To Treat It: Taking a proper sleep of 7-8 hours can cure you of red eyes because eyes need to be closed for some period of time to replenish your tear layers. If you do not have enough time to take a proper sleep at night you can have a rest for 10 minutes in the noon.

4. Excessive Drinking and Smoking: If you drink and smoke too much then you would probably face bloody eyes. Drinking and smoking are the main causes of dehydration and make your eyes dry and red.

How To Treat It: Use the best eye drops to treat bloodshot eyes caused by excessive drinking and smoking or just take the step forward to quit smoking or drinking.

5. Frequent intake of Medicines or Eye Drops: Regular intake of pills and eye drops can reduce the blood flow through tissues in your eyes. Certain Medicines or Eye Drops give temporary relief instantly but cause more redness later on.

How To Treat It: Before having any kind of medications, consult an eye Doctor in South Beach so that he/she can find the root cause of your bloody eyes and adjust your dose accordingly.

Once you figure out the exact cause of your bloody eyes, then you can cure it with these effective treatments. These home remedies can help relieve the red eye problems that you may experience. If the symptoms are severe or include pain then you should seek professional Eye Doctor South Beach or Red Eye Doctor Miami for immediate medical care.

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