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Advanced Optical Services in Miami

At Eyes on Brickell, we offer advanced optical services in Miami to help you correct these common eye disorders. Our expert team can assist you in selecting from a range of corrective eyewear options, including customizable contact lenses and eyeglasses. We also offer designer frames to add your unique flair to your eyewear while meeting your vision needs.

Refractive errors can affect your vision severely and make it difficult to see clearly. These eye disorders take place when the shape of your eye prevents light from focusing properly on your retina. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (distorted vision) are among the most prevalent types of refractive errors. Overlooking these disorders can cause significant risks in the long run, apart from causing inconvenience.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible eye care experience and ensuring our clients achieve optimal vision. So, if you’re suffering from any refractive errors, let us help you get the right treatment to restore your vision.

What Are Optical Services?

We offer optical services near me in Miami to help people improve their vision for different activities like recognizing faces, driving, and reading. Our optometrists perform eye exams and vision tests to determine if you require solution for optical in South Beach such as Contact Lens Exam. We also check if there have been any changes in your prescription for corrective eyewear since your last visit.

Signs You Need Optical Services

  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Double vision
  • Frequent headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Squinting
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty seeing objects up close or far away
  • Seeing halos around bright lights
  • Eye pain or discomfort

What are Your Best Options?

We offer glasses and Contact Lens Solutions for every individual need, with affordability in mind. Select from our extensive array of frames, featuring the latest styles in designer eyewear.

Enjoy conveniences such as same day optical service on Miami with our lab on premises. We welcome and accept most insurances plans and have, flexible late and weekend hours.

Lens options:

  • Single Vision
  • Bifocal
  • Blended Bifocal
  • Executive Bifocal
  • Progressive

Material options:

  • CR-39
  • Polycarbonate
  • Trivex
  • High Index 1.60
  • High Index 1.67
  • High Index 1.74

Coating Options:

  • Anti-Reflective
  • Blue tech Anti-Reflective
  • Scratch Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • Sunglasses Tints
  • Transition Adaptive
  • Transition Xtra-Active
  • Transition Vantage

Frame Brands:

  • Use the existing pictures on our site with the pictures
  • We carry the following brands for Woman

For Men