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Latisse Eye Drops: A Complete Guide


For those who don’t have enough lashes, Latisse eye drops are the first FDA-approved method of growing longer, fuller, and darker lashes. It was found to be effective for growing eyelashes when ophthalmologists who were using the drops to treat glaucoma noticed that their patients were developing very long eyelashes.

But, many people are still unaware of this solution. Well, in this article we’ll know everything about Latisse eye drops:

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What Exactly Latisse Eye Drops Is?

Latisse is a prescription medicine or in simple terms – it is a naturally occurring drug called Antiglaucoma, Prostaglandin Agonists. It is communally used to treat the symptoms of Elevated Intraocular Pressure and Hypotrichosis of the Eyelashes. This medication help grows longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes.

Bimatoprost is one of the active ingredients in the Latisse liquid solution. In 2001, the FDA gave bimatoprost approval for different use; in 2008, it received approval specifically for use as a medication to promote eyelash growth.

How Do Latisse Eye Drops Work?

Well, more research is needed to exactly know how it works to enhance the length, thickness, and color of your eyelashes. According to current scientific evidence, Latisse lengthens the time that your eyelashes are in the growth phase of the hair cycle.

Do you know that like your hair, eye lashing goes through a three-stage cycle? Yes, it’s entirely true. It includes:

  • Anagen (the growth phase)
  • Catagen (the transition phase)
  • Telogen (the resting phase)

Is Latisse Eye Drops Really Effective?

Yes! Data collected by FDA shows that after using Latisse for 20 weeks or more, 79% of users see an improvement of at least one grade in their Global Eyelash Assessment (GEA) score. In fact, those who use Latisse every day contentiously from 16 weeks see an average increase in eyelash length of 25%.

Here Are Some Dermatologist’s Tips For Using Latisse Eye Drops:

  1. Before Applying: Before applying Latisse Eye Drops make sure your face is clean, contact lenses are taken out and any other facial care products have already been applied.
  2. Ready the Applicator: Pick up one of the sterile applicators from the tray package and hold it between your fingers so that it is horizontal. On the portion of the applicator that is closest to the tip but not on the tip, apply one drop of LATISSE eye drop solution.
    Tip* Do not touch the end of the application with your fingers as this can lead to bacterial infection and irritation.
  3. Apply to Skin: Now carefully take the applicator and apply your eyelid with the Latisse side facing down.
    Tip* Do NOT APPLY in your eye or on the lower lid. If you feel it falling down, use a tissue to pat off any excess Latisse solution.
  4. Dispose of Applicator: Dispose of the applicator after one use. According to the dermatologist, always use a clean applicator for each eye. This can lead to cross-contaminating germs by reusing the same.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind while Applying Latisse Eye Drops:

  • If you wear contacts, you should wait 15 minutes after applying Latisse before putting them back in. Before you start touching your eyes, make sure the solution is completely dry.
  • Apply one drop of Latisse eye drop at a time. It’s necessary because excessive use will run down onto your skin.
  • Apply daily but in the prescribed form only for better results.
  • As soon as you’re done applying the solution, wipe off any excess to reduce the side effects.
  • Make sure to use the sterile applicator that came with your Latisse product only.
  • To avoid contamination, ensure that the end of both the applicator and the bottle is away from any dirty surfaces.
  • If you feel redness or irritation on or around your eyelids, reduce the use of Latisse eye drops every day to two or three times a week.
  • Keep in mind, if you stop using LATISSE, eyelashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

Frequently asked the question:

Can I use Latisse Eye Drops Daily?

Yes, you can!! But make sure to clean your eye area properly and use different Latisse applicators for each that came with your Latisse product only.

Should I apply Latisse Eye Drops in the Morning or evening?

The majority of people find it easiest to use at night because we remove all the makeup. However, you can also apply it in the morning but it must be completely dry before applying makeup.

How Many Latisse Eye Drops Should I Apply?

One drop is usually enough.

Is There Any Side Effect If I Apply Latisse To Your Lower Lids?

Dermatologists DO NOT advise using it to lower lids because it may lead to skin irritation and the growth of unwanted hairs.

Is Latisse Eye Drop Effective For Eyebrows?

According to the few studies available, using Latisse eye drops for seven to nine months increases eyebrow fullness. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has not yet approved it for that purpose.

Latisse Eye Drop Gives Permanent Results?

No! It can achieve your desired results of fuller, darker, and longer lashes with regular use for 16 weeks. However, once you stop using it, your lashes revert to their original state. How quickly depends on your natural lash-shedding cycle.

Does Latisse Eye Drops Change The Colour Of My Eyes?

This is just misleading information. There is no such reported case of any eye color change with Latisse. It is an ideal solution to get fuller, darker, and longer lashes.

How Much Does Latisse Eye Drops Cost?

As it is a prescribed product, so the price varies. The average price is about $160.23 for 1, 3ML of 0.03% solution.

Once I’ve Reached My Desired Length And Thickness, How Should I Use It?

If it’s fine, you can use it as a regular. But if your eyelashes are the length and thickness you want, you can start using them every night instead of every night. Remember, if you stop using Latisse eye drops completely, your eyelashes will be back as they were before the treatment.

This is it! We hope this guide will help you get brief information about Latisse Eye Drops. If you are looking for more eye care services, then Eyes on Brickell is right here. We offer eye surgery and other treatment under the care of the best doctors. Don’t delay; speak up with one of our expert doctors today!

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