Eyes on Brickell: Eye Exam Essentials: Must-Haves

5 Essential Things To Carry For Your Next Eye Exam


Eye care and Comprehensive Eye Exam are must for people of all ages. It will help improve eyesight and prevent eyes from major diseases like – Amblyopia, Myopia, Glaucoma, Cataract etc. No matter you have an eye problem or not, just go for a routine eye checkup for healthy eyes. Regular eye exams are the perfect way to save our eyesight for a long time.

For a good eye exam, it’s important to find an optometrist who will ensure a proper treatment after examining your eyes. Nowadays Optometrists In Brickell are performing excellent in eyecare practices and have a proper setup of advanced eye exam equipment.

When you plan to visit an optometrist, make sure to list the things that you need to carry along. If you have no idea what to bring to an eye exam, look at our checklist and manage them accordingly.

Five Essential Requirements for a Complete, Comprehensive Eye Exam:

1. Current Spectacles from Past Eye-Exam: Bring along your current spectacle or eyewear every time you visit for an eye exam. It will help doctors to check your vision ability, whether it’s improving or not.

2. Previous Optometrist Medicine List: If you are taking medicines then carry those medicines along with you. Do not only carry the prescription list, but the medicines you are taking right now. This will help your eye doctor determine whether medicine or combinations you’re taking are beneficial for your vision or not.

3. Fashionista Friend: Make sure to bring your “Fashionista friend” with you so you get the best pair of trendy eye frames when you are suggested to wear eyeglasses.

4. Most-liked Sunglasses: If you are going to undergo a test using dilated eye drops, bring a pair of sunglasses for after eye examination.

5. Insurance Card: Last but not the least; insurance card is yet another thing which you need while visiting eye clinic. This will make paperwork easier assuming that the whole information written over there is correct and up-to-date.

Remember these are the mandatory items that you need not forget while visiting for an eye exam. Carrying these things will help optometrists to find your eye problem easily instead of holding you back.

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