Complete Eyecare Services in Miami, Brickell

Eyes on Brickell is a top-rated eye clinic in Miami offering a complete range of eye care services and optometric solutions. Our team of highly trained and experienced doctors is dedicated to providing comprehensive eye exams, personalized care, and a wide range of eyewear options to meet your unique needs. Visit us today to experience the highest quality of eye care services in Miami, Brickell.

1. Comprehensive Ophthalmic exam with Dilated Fundus Exam

2. Eye Glass examination and Fitting

3. Contact Lens Fitting

  • Color Lens
  • Spherical Lens
  • Extended Wear

Advanced Contact Lens Fittings

  • Toric Lens
  • Multifocals contact lens
  • Rigid Gas Perm Lens
  • Rose K fittings
  • Duette Contact Lenses

4. Medical Eye Exam Services

5. Pediatric Services

  • 5 yrs and up are accepted
  • Strabismus Screening
  • Somatosensory Testing

6. Cosmetic and Surgical Eye Care Services

  • Refractive Surgery Consultations
    • LASIK
    • LASEK
    • IOL Exchange (Much More)
  • Eyelid Surgical Consultations (Blepharoplasty consultations)
  • Botox Consultations
  • IPL Laser, Viora Laser
  • Latisse Eye Lash “Consultations”

7. Advanced Testing Options

  • Fundus Photography
  • Visual Field Screenings
  • OCT Testing
  • Topography Scanning
  • Color Vision Testing
  • Ultrasound Testing

Whether you are planning to get a custom contact lens fitting or proper vision testing, we got you covered. Book an appointment with us!