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A Comprehensive Guide To Hybrid Contact Lenses


Synergy Eyes Hybrid Contact Lenses is one of many lens technologies in decades, and with a soft and comfortable outer skirt and hard center, it offers clear vision with the features of both types of lenses.

Synerg Eyes, Inc., a leader in hybrid contacts lens technology, announced next generation hybrid contact lens for patients. It announced the launch at Global Specialty Lens Symposium in 2013, at the Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eye specialists are now preferring hybrid contacts as the amicable option for specialty and routine care for patients and are used to treat patients with presbyopia, astigmatism, and people who are affected from the irregular cornea like Keratoconus.

Know all About Hybrid Contact Lenses

The hybrid contact lenses have the best features of the soft and gas-permeable lens. It has Gas Permeable (oxygen breathing) surrounded by a soft lens “skirt”, so you will get the sharpness and clarity of the gas-permeable lens and the comfort of a soft lens. People having trouble gaining optimal vision with a soft lens but are concerned about the comfortability of an RGP lens.

Hybrid contact lenses are an ideal fit for people who have the following eye conditions:

  • Farsighted astigmatic
  • Nearsighted
  • Multifocal
  • Lasik
  • Keratoconus

Like a soft lens, a hybrid lens uses a lathe-cut technique with one difference. It is the material they are cut from has the hard center and the soft skirt, bonded with unique proprietary technology to prevent them from getting apart after being cut and hydrated.

Are Lenses Comfortable to Wear?

If you have specific visual needs, like the capacity to see everything clearly and comfortably without any issues, then RGP lenses are the best choice. Despite offering better vision, these are not as comfortable, and you might need some time for optimal fitting and comfort.

Avoid wearing RGP lenses in windy weather. The new hybrid lenses have a sealed system in which lubricant allows for comfortable wear. Lenses also provide protection from dirt particles getting in the eyes. With this, you get the benefit of the comfortability of a soft lens and the clear vision of the RGP lens.

How Can Hybrid Contact Lenses Help With Keratoconus?

Hybrid lenses are designed to correct people affected by irregular corneas like keratoconus.

It is a condition in which the cornea eye gets cone-shaped instead of smooth, regular curvature. It is a cone-like budge that causes blurred or distorted vision, which is impossible to get corrected with regular glasses. Keratoconus is characterized by corneal thinning. These conditions are terms “Ectasias of the cornea.”

As the lens provides the correct covering over the cornea, there is the least risk of corneal scarring, making the hybrid lens the best treatment option for keratoconus.

The soft skirt of the design helps to centrally position the contact lens over the visual axis irrespective of the cone’s location on the cornea or its large size. It results in reducing visual distortion and offering superior vision. The design also obstructs the dirt from getting accumulated under the lens, prohibiting it from unexpectedly popping out.

What is a Life Expectancy of a Contact Lens?

You are supposed to replace the hybrid contact lenses after every six months. While your lens might last longer, the surface can get difficult to clean and less comfortable.

Hybrid contact lenses offer more comfort than RGP lenses. While many people wear hard contact lenses without trouble, some face struggle due to the sensation created by the lens, especially in the condition of irregular cornea. So, you can use the RGP lens correctly and give your eyes time to adapt them. These lenses are far more comfortable for the eyes and very easy to wear.

You can get far better vision with a Hybrid lens as compared to a soft lens. The center surface of the hybrid lens consists of rigid material, it cannot change its shape when placed on the ocular surface. It can also neutralize any type of irregularities in the cornea. Due to stability, there is also then no chance of a soft lens moving around or adapting the irregular cornea shape, which leaves astigmatism without getting corrected. In a situation where soft contacts cannot offer an optimal vision for patients, a hybrid lens can.

Anyone can wear a hybrid lens, this does not mean these lens types could be a better option for you, hybrid lenses benefit people who are affected by corneal astigmatism or the ones not able to wear RGP lenses due to comfortability issues. However, if you do not feel comfortable wearing an RGP lens yet require better vision, you will have no difficulty with the hybrid lens.

Hybrid lenses are also easy to maintain. Unless you are wearing a daily lens that you discard each night, all contact lens needs regular cleaning and a proper place to keep. Following proper cleaning instructions and storage reduces your chances of contracting serious eye infections.

The best part of these contact lenses is that they are easy to clean than other lenses. Generally, you would have to clean lenses each time you remove them. But you must store these lenses in a clean case filled with fresh hybrid lens solutions.

How Are Hybrid Contact Lenses Made?

Just like soft lenses, the hybrid lens uses the lathe cut technique. One difference is that the material used for cutting has a hard center and a soft skirt. These two materials remain bonded using proprietary technology to stop them from getting apart after being cut and hydrated. Wearing the lenses past the mentioned time can cause a buildup of deposits on the surface making the same difficult to wear in the future.

What is the Daily Wear Time of the Lens, and How to Take Care of the Same

Many people find it comfortable to wear the lens for 8 to 10 hours every day. The maximum wearing time varies, but it might be feasible to wear it for 12-14 hours per day. Clean your lens to retain its highest standard of comfort and clarity. Each day after removing the lens, clean the same before storing overnight. Also use the cleaning solution, which serves as a cleaner and a disinfectant.

For more information about contact lenses visit Eyes on Brickell. The Center delivers an optimum solution to contact lens service in Florida with advanced eye care technology. We fit contact lenses helping patients improve their vision problems. Our seasoned cont act lens team strives to offer the best in quality hybrid contacts, which are customized and aptly fit as per the eye shape.

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