Eyes on Brickell: Amblyopia (Lazy Eye): Causes and Treatments

What Is Amblyopia Or Lazy Eye And How To Treat It


Amblyopia commonly known as the lazy eye, is an eye condition in which the vision of one of the eyes becomes weak. This eye disease is often seen in the early stages of a child’s development, if isn’t treated timely, can harm the vision permanently. The main reason for developing this eye problem is that your pathways of vision in the brain don’t develop strong enough.

What Causes Amblyopia

Though all babies are born with poor eyesight. As they grow older, their eyesight becomes stronger. Amblyopia starts when the focus of one eye has great than the other. Sometimes, one is more farsighted, crossed eye or astigmatism, that prevents the weaker eye getting the clear and focused image.

This condition affects two to three percent of the population as a result of genetic causes, related conditions or trauma. Generally, your child’s brain ignores blurry image when it gets both blurry and clear image. But if you don’t treat your child’s eyes for months and years, vision may even worse in the blurry eyes.

Symptoms of Amblyopia

Signs and symptoms of amblyopia or lazy eye include:

• A child will not be able to focus properly one of his/her eyes.

• Experience eyestrain, squinting, headaches, and overall poor vision

• Blurred and double vision

• Poor depth perception

• Abnormal results of vision screening tests

• An eye turn, either inward or outward, upward or downward.

How to Treat Amblyopia Or Lazy Eye

Depending on the condition of your child’s eye, the treatment of amblyopia may be different for the different child. The best time to consult an eye doctor Miami to treat amblyopia is when this disease starts affecting your child’s eyes at an early age. Many Optometrists In Brickell suggest prescription glasses to improve focus or eye exercises to correct improper vision habits. In addition, eye drops, and patching may also be prescribed. If the case is quite serious or a cataract in your child’s eye is blocking light from his/her eye, it may need surgery to straighten the eyes and diagnose the cataract. Besides that, visual therapy plays a vital role in curing the sight deficiencies.

When to See An Eye Specialist Miami

If you a resident of Miami or Brickell and your child is suffering from the lazy eye, it’s the right time to see your child’s doctor. A vision check is extremely important if there’s a family history of crossed eyes, childhood cataracts or other eye conditions.

At Eyes on Brickell, we have the most experienced and patient-friendly eye specialists in Miami who can help you diagnose amblyopia or lazy eye. We provide the most advanced, comprehensive eye care to optimize your child’s visual function. We utilize the latest technology to treat amblyopia or lazy eye in Miami and Brickell. Schedule your appointment today.

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