Eyes on Brickell: Switching to Glasses to Prevent Virus Spread

Switching from Contact Lenses to Glasses During the Pandemic to Stop Spreading the Virus


If you are a contact lenses wearer, you may want to think twice before putting them in because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts suggest that it’s time to put your Contact Lens Service on the shelf and dazzle the world with your frames because wearing glasses can help you stop touching your face which is a key way any virus is spread including the novel Coronavirus currently spreading across the world.

The contact wearers not only put them in and remove them regularly but also habitually make adjustments throughout the day. Substituting the lenses with glasses can decrease irritation and become a hurdle for you in touching your eyes. So it has been advised to stick to glasses. If you still want to wear your contacts, make sure you clean them properly to limit the chances of getting an infection.

Also, avoid rubbing your eyes, and when required use a tissue not your hands. This may also be the case that the eye care procedures be delayed, if you face any eye related problem as the ophthalmologists and Eye Doctors are urged not to see any patients during the pandemic except for urgency. Along with all these precautions, remember to ask yourself these three questions each time you wear lenses.

  • Do my eyes feel good with my lenses? There should be no discomfort.
  • Do my eyes look good? There should be no redness.
  • Do I see well? There should be no unusual blurring with either eye.

If you have any concerns, remove your contact lenses immediately and consult an Eye care professional as early as possible.

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