Eyes on Brickell: Sunglasses Myths and Facts

Top 5 Myths About Sunglasses That Could Hurt Your Eyes


A pair of sunglasses is the perfect accessory to enhance your look and protect your face against sun damage. Nowadays, sunglasses have become an integral part of the fashion statement among the fashionistas as well as the normal people.

There are a lot of good reasons people love to wear these sunnies. They protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays and blue light, keep your eyes safe from sand, wind, and dust, promote healing and recovery, help in safe driving, trigger migraines and headaches and help you enhance your style and personality.

With their growing popularity, there are certain myths are also associated with them that need to be debunked permanently. Keep reading while we’re sharing some common myths, along with the facts, so any wrong decision can’t ruin your eyes in future.

1. Sunglasses Are Just for Fashion and Style

Fact: You’ll find a plethora of sunglasses’ designs that make your look trendy, however, the most important factor when buying sunglasses is that they keep your eyes healthy by protecting them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and blue light. They also protect your eyes from various outdoor elements such as sand, snow, dust, and wind.

2. It’s Not Right to Wear Sunglasses If You Wear Spectacles

Fact: Most of the people who wear prescription eyeglasses to correct their vision believe that wearing sunglasses may affect their eye health. They even have the misconception that sunglasses are not available in prescription. However, this is only a myth and there is no such thing. Nowadays, you can easily customize your sunglasses to correct your refractive index while protecting your eyes from the sun and harmful particles. All you need to do is to visit anOptometrist Miami and get your appropriate pair.

3. You Don’t Need Sunglasses on A Cloudy Day and Winter

Fact: Sunglasses are as important in winter as they are in summer. The UV radiations which is so harmful to our eyes have particularly aggressive in winters. Moreover, snow in winters can cause problems with glare and visual perception. Wearing high-quality sunglasses while snowing can reduce glare and give you a clear vision. Moreover, it avoids dangers of cornea sunburn, prevents dry eye and protects against snow and debris.

4. Darker the Lenses, Better the Protection

Fact: It seems like darker lenses offer better protection, but, it’s not the color of the shade but the type of polymer of the lens that makes sunglasses more protective. Dark sunglasses without UV protection can be dangerous for your eyes, so be extra careful when choosing your favorite pair.

5. Children Don’t Need Sunglasses

Fact: Children often face more sun exposure than adults and need polarized and UV protection sunglasses to protect their eyes. When searching for sunglasses for your children, make sure you choose one that provides adequate UV protection. Knowing your children wear high-quality sunglasses will help reduce a child’s of developing several eye diseases such as dry eyes, macular degeneration, and even cancer of the eyelids.

These are some of the myths about sunglasses that could ruin your eyes. Keep these points in mind when buying sunglasses in Miami otherwise you can get trapped in trouble. If you’re struggling to find your desired sunglasses in Miami, visit Eyes on Brickell eye boutique. Our office has the latest digital technology for your comprehensive eye exam, Designer Sunglasses, polarized and UV protection sunglasses and more.

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