Eyes on Brickell: Tips to Prevent Computer Eye Strain

The Best Tips to Avoid Eye Strain and Keep Your Eyes Healthy


Eye strain or Asthenopia has become a leading office-related health problem with the increasing use of computers. Headaches, blurred vision, mild tears and pain at the back of the neck and temples are some of the most common symptoms of computer eye strain.

Unfortunately, there are no medical tests available yet to detect the severity or degree of the strain. It entirely depends on the lifestyle of the patient.  People who spend most of their time in front of a computer screen are at higher risk of suffering from eye strain. If it occurs frequently, then it is recommended to see an Ophthalmologist In Brickell as soon as possible.

Here are the 5 Top Tips to Avoid Eye Strain Caused by Computers:

  • Use Proper Lighting– Bright lighting can be tough for your eyes. It is better to use floor lamps that provide indirect lighting. You can also have a customized eyeglasses prescription to avoid eye strain.
  • Avoid CRT Monitor– If you have not done this yet, replace your old style CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor with an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or TFT monitor (Thin Film Transistor) as they have anti-reflective surfaces and a higher refresh rate.
  • Do some Eye Exercises– You must learn some eye relaxation techniques to protect your eyes from deteriorating due to excessive usage of computers. This may also include eye massage, eye mask or warm cloth technique.
  • Blink Frequently– Blinking your eyes frequently keeps them clear, moist and comfortable. Doctors recommend keeping a bottle of artificial tears with you in case of prolonged computer use.
  • Keep your Screen Clean– An untidy computer screen forces you to strain to see what you are trying to read. You can easily reduce computer eye strain by cleaning any smudges or finger marks from your computer screen.

If the problem still persists, make sure to visit Eye Doctor Brickell to get the proper treatment before it becomes too late.

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