Eyes on Brickell: Signs Your Child Needs an Eye Exam

Does Your Child Needs An Eye Exam? Here Are The Signs To Consider


With regards to your child’s health and their ability to thrive in school and beyond, the quality of their vision can be one of the most important aspects. Many children experience early childhood and even into their school years with undiscovered Eye Conditions that may negatively influence them. The issue with vision problems in kids is that the initial symptoms may not generally be clear to the child or their parents.

However, there are signs to look for that a kid might be needing some help from an optometrist. As a parent, it is necessary that you become acquainted with these signs of vision inconvenience so you can schedule an eye exam for your child as soon as possible. Here are the signs to check:

Your child has trouble concentrating in school or homework: Concentration issues in school or in homework may not appear to be an eye or vision issue. Numerous parents, and even teachers, in general accept that concentration issues come from behavioral issues, such as, ADHD. While it is justifiable to stress that your child’s behavior issues are psychological related, concentration issues can be related with vision. Not having the option to see can make concentrating on school difficult, frustrating, and physically and mentally tiring.

This will look like behavior issues to the outside spectator, however before you consider starting your child on meds for ADHD, schedule an eye exam.

Your child is overly clumsy: Another indication of eye problem in your child is if your child is excessively clumsy. This can imply that they frequently bump into objects in your home, don’t go around potholes or cracks in the pavement, or even that they trip up or off the curb quite often. Most children are a bit clumsy occasionally, however, falling often could be an indication of difficulty.

Moreover, when your child bumps into furniture and different things around the home that are in the same place all the time, their depth perception may be to blame.

Your child complains about headaches very often: One of the signs that your child may need to have their eyes tested is in the event that they are experiencing frequent headaches. At the point when children complain about headaches, most parents will feel that their kid has allergies, cold, flu or some other passing condition. Although a headache once in a while, isn’t likely a sign of eye problems, frequent headaches are definitely a possible indication of eye trouble.

If your child has headaches most days in school or after they have been reading, eye strain could be the the culprit.

Your child rubs their eyes a lot: Children of all ages can experience difficulty with their eyes and vision. Furthermore, they are not able to explain what they are experiencing particularly on the off chance that they are toddlers or preschoolers. When these children are experiencing difficulty seeing, they may rub their eyes as often as possible. If your child is always stressing their eyes to focus or see, their eyes will get tired. And, when an individual’s eyes are tired, they frequently rub or contact their eyes trying to relieve some of the uneasiness.

Many of the signs of vision problems in children are not as easy to see as they are in grown-ups. Kids frequently don’t have a clue that their eyes have the issue since they don’t have a clue what clear sight and vision would feel or look like. A such, you can’t just as your child as to whether they are experiencing difficulty seeing. Watch out for these different signs of vision problems in kids so you can be sure you get your child booked for an eye test with the Best Eye Doctor as quickly as possible.

If their troubles do end up being their eyes, then you can get them the correct lenses they need to resolve their symptoms.

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