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Eyes on Brickell : All About Dry Eyes- Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

All about Dry Eyes- Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


Dry eyes happen when tears evaporate quickly or when the eyes start to produce too few tears. The situation is quite common in humans and sometimes in animals also. It can affect one or both eyes, which can lead to inflammation. For the treatment of the dry eye, we suggest to visit the Dry Eye Center in Miami.

People of any age can have Dry eye syndrome and people who are overall healthy. However the situation occurs mostly among the elderly and quite common in women as compared to men.

What causes dry eyes?

 Generally the eyes are generating tears all the time, not only when we yawn or experience emotions. Healthy eyes are often covered with a fluid,  known as a tear film. It remains stable in each blink, and also prevent eyes from getting dry. It also allows clear vision.

In this situation  the tear glands  generate fewer tears, and the tear film becomes unstable. It can also break down quickly to cause dry spots on the surface of the eyes.

Dry eyes happens when;

  • The mixture in the tears causes imbalance and it evaporates quickly.
  • Insufficient tear production that is good for eye health.
  • Environment and some drugs.

However the dry eyes problems are attributed  due to the following reasons:

Use of contact lens; Contact lens can also cause dry eye situation however it is not  easy to find to what extent lens can be attributed to the situation.

Computer Usage: While working at a computer or while using a smartphone or other digital device, blinking is less frequent. This causes tears to evaporate and increase the chances of dry eye symptoms.

Menopause: Post menopausal women are at higher risk of dry eyes than men of the same age group.

Indoor environment: Ceiling fans, air conditions, forced air heating systems can also cause reduction in the indoor humidity. This can increase tear evaporation that can cause dry eye symptoms. Sometimes even dry or windy conditions and high altitudes can also cause dry eyes.

Health condition: Certain diseases like thyroid associated conditions like Sjogren, rheumatoid arthritis, etc can also cause dry eye.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes are:

People having dry eyes can show the following symptoms

  • Fatigue eye
  • Itchy eye
  • Burning sensation
  • Sore eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Mucous around the eyes

There can be other symptoms to which only a good eye doctor can find out.

Dry Eye Treatment and Prevention

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic and progressive condition, depending on its cause and severity. It might not be completely cured.  But in many cases it is possible to manage the condition and you can get immense relief. Some optometrists and ophthalmologists might provide questionnaires about your symptoms prior to initiating dry eye treatment. Your answers are then used as a baseline, and questionnaire administered again.

In Eye Clinic in Miami doctors can also conduct some test to find the quantum tears produced behind the eyelid.

Eye treatment helps keep the eyes well lubricated, but the approach depends on many underlying reasons. However, there are three ways to keep the eyes lubricated and some are:

Use of the artificial tears or eye drops

  • Make the most of the natural tears
  • Reduce the chance of tear drainage.

Medication include cyclosporine eye drops or Restais which helps reduce inflammation and induces more tear production. However, do not use these drugs without the doctor’s prescription.

Doctors can also prescribe surgery if  there is an eyelid issue and incomplete blink.  Surgery is done by the oculoplastic surgeon. There are many home remedies also which can reduce eye dry problems like you can wear wraparound glasses to get protection from wind. Besides you can use the counter eye drops which helps lubricate the mild dry eyes. It is also always helpful to clean the eyelids. Some studies found the inclusion of omega-3 and omega – 6 fatty acids that might help reduce the risk or the incidence of dry eyes.

Dry eye causes are many so if you are facing this situation, reach an Eye Clinic in Miami, and that is your Eyes On Brickell. The center has some of the best eye doctors in the area, so you will get better treatment. Besides, it also has the latest technology treatment procedures. Each client is better taken care of. No doubt the dry eye problem is not serious and you can easily get cured, but it is also a situation which should not be ignored. So get your eyes examined in the center.

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