Eyes on Brickell: Office Eye Strain: Causes and Prevention

Causes And Preventions Of Eye Strain In The Office.


For anyone who works in the office, eye strain is a common eye problem. It is the #1 eye problem and sometimes results in dry eyes. There are many other symptoms associated with an eye strain – blurry vision, double vision, headache and more!
It’s irritating for everyone getting eyestrain. No doubt, there are various treatments available for eyestrain but it’s best to prevent it first than to treat it.

Let’s Discuss the Main Causes of Eye Strain in the Workplace:

  • Continuous work on Computer
  • Reading without Contacts
  • Stress during Work

Tips To Prevent These Causes

    • Make sure to adjust the lighting of an area where your PC is placed to minimize eyestrain. If the lightning is too glaring then it is not suitable for your eyes. Not only a loud lightning but low lights will also lead to eye strain.
    • Take a break at frequent intervals to reduce eyestrain resulting from sitting in front of computer/laptop. Plan your work something like this that you can take a break for 5 minutes after every hour.
    • When you work continuously for long hours on the PC, it will cause eyes to dry. You can use artificial tears at regular intervals as the best dry eye treatment in Brickell to avoid dry eyes.
    • Use prescription glasses or contacts to read your important documents, books etc. This allows you to focus easily on reading materials.
    • A gentle massage around your eyes will help reduce eyestrain and stress. So whenever you are stressed at work, gently massage your eyes with your palm or just close them to rest.

If your eyestrain is continuous and these tips do not help your eye problem then you should take a professional care because in some cases it leads to itchy eyes. Find an optometrist near you and talk about the factors that are affecting your eyes. If its due to itchy eyes then ask for the best Itchy Eyes Treatment In Miami for your eyes!

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