Eye Ointment Products Recalled Due To Infection Risk

Eye Ointment Products Recalled Due To Infection Risk


On February 22nd, 2024, four more eye ointment products were recalled. Federal investigators raised concerns over the potential lack of sterility assurance at a manufacturing facility operated by Brassica Pharma.

This brings the total number of eye products recalled due to the risk of eye infections to twelve in recent months. Among the recalled products are CVS Health Lubricant Eye Drops and Gel Drops, Similasan Pink Eye Relief, The Goodbye Company Pink Eye, Can-C Eye Drops, Optique 1 Eye, Rugby eye drops, and Leader eye drops, and four more eye care products by Brassica Pharma. These newly recalled products are available under different brand names and have expiration dates from February 2024 to September 2025.

According to Brassica Pharma’s press release on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) official website, no injury related to potentially unsterile conditions has been reported.

Eyedrop warnings and recalls have been making headlines over the past several months, causing worry and confusion. That is why the FDA has stated that these recalls have increased their scrutiny of eye-care products as they are directly used in the eyes and bypass many of the body’s natural defenses. That means if these eye care products carry any potential contamination, they might severely risk the patient’s health.

Recalled Eye Ointment with UPC

The recalled eye ointment products come in 3.5-gram tubes packed in cardboard packaging. Here is the list of products that Brassica Pharma is recalling:

  • Equate Lubricant Eye Ointment with Universal Product Code (UPC) 681131395298
  • Equate Stye Lubricant Eye Ointment with UPC 681131395304
  • CVS Health Lubricant Eye Ointment with UPC 050428634141
  • AACE Pharmaceuticals Lubricant PM Ointment with UPC 371406124356

The company said there is a potential risk of eye infections or related harm for patients who use these products. Consumers can find specific lot numbers and additional information in the company news release.

Product Recalls in Recent Time

Last fall, the FDA warned against using 27 eye-care products due to bacterial contamination in the manufacturing plants. There were no reported injuries at the time of the warnings.

Moreover, federal officials announced two voluntary recalls last year after an outbreak of serious bacterial infections that affected 81 patients in 18 states. The outbreak caused at least 14 cases of vision loss, four patients had to undergo surgical removal of the eyeball, and four deaths were reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For further information, you can check out Bacteria in Recalled Eye Drops ‘Artificial Tears Distributed by EzriCazre’ Linked to Cases of Vision Loss, Surgical Removal of Eyeballs.

The reports suggest that the most severe reactions were seen in people using “preservative-free” eye drops. These eye drops mainly contain saline and distilled water. However, many eye drop brands contain chemical preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride (BAK) along with other ingredients.

Taking care of your eyes is super important, so when buying eye drops or ointments, be sure to check that expiration date and keep them sterile. And remember, never use drops that have expired, and permanently cap them after use to avoid contamination.

According to Dr. Antonie Copty, one of Miami’s best eye care specialists, you should avoid any contact with a bottle to your skin or lashes when putting drops in your eye. It may help you protect your eyes from any contamination. However, if you experience sudden pain or decreased vision after using eye drops, don’t hesitate to reach out to your nearest eye doctor immediately.

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