Eyes on Brickell: Top Nutrients to Optimize Eye Health Care

Top Nutrients That Will Optimize Eye Health Care


Eye health is not an option it is a necessity. Have you ever realized the strength and value of your vision? It has a very important role in life and that goes without saying. But what are you doing to maintain a good vision? Are you consuming essential Vitamins For Healthy Eyes in your diet? Do you check before eating your meal? Let’s have a look at the various nutrients that should be a part of your regular meals as they are not just essential but contributes to a healthy eye care routine.


Vitamin A

The world knows about Vitamin A and its endless number of benefits. Still, a reminder is again important. Its deficiency is the most common cause of blindness in the world. Do you know, this vitamin is essential in maintaining lightening cells, and not having enough of this vitamin can also cause dry eye, night blindness, and even more serious eye conditions? The richest source of consuming it is animal-derived food and dairy products.

Also, vitamin A can be consumed from antioxidant plant compounds called Provitamin A carotenoids which are found in high amounts in fruits as well as vegetables. So, you do get an option to consume it through another important vegetarian source.

Omega 3 Supplement benefit people with dry eyes. It is also crucial for the development of the brain during infancy as it has DHA and its deficiency can cause eye problems to children.

The dietary source of omega 3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA is oily fish. Including fish in your diet can be helpful. If you are not interested in having it directly, switch to fish supplements like pills and other products.

So, do not let your eye suffer due to its deficiency and remember dry eyes can be cured if omega 3 is found in your body in a sufficient amount.

Vitamin C

A lot of developments on Vitamin C as a source to avoid eye deficiencies are still in the process. There are controlled studies on its role in eye health care. But, its presence is a balance that is required to maintain the fluid in the aqueous humor of the eye. You can also intake The Best Eye Vitamin Supplements available for its consumption.

Vitamin D

It helps in reducing the risk of macular degeneration. This eye disease causes loss in the center of the field of vision. It can be dry or wet and wet macular degeneration can cause leaky blood vessels under the retina. There are various sources to consume Vitamin D like salmon, milk, orange juice, and sardines. But the best source is natural sunlight. A certain amount of time spent in sunlight can ensure your body has enough Vitamin D.

There are more such nutrients such as Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Gamma-Linolenic acid, and many more. But, the four mentioned nutrients can help you maintain good eye health. Remember, having a proper vision is more than a blessing and you should be thankful for having one. Keep your ocular health intact and watch out these top nutrients in your diet.

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