Eyes on Brickell: Eye Care Preventing Tips During The Covid

Eye Care Preventive Tips During The COVID 19 Outbreak


The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has come up with many guidelines and precautions that may help us prevent ourselves from revulsion. When 2020 started, no one had a clue about this global crisis that will hit us dramatically and bring us back to the basics of hygiene, care, and regular health diagnoses. It all starts with us and our habits and the world realized the importance of going back to where it all began. Just, for instance, keeping our hands sanitized, covering our nose while sneezing, and keeping our eyes clean and washed regularly. We at Eyes on Brickell provides Eye Care Services and are here to put some light on “How eyes can be a medium to spread the outbreak” along with what are the ways to prevent it.

Some Eye Care Tips for COVID 19:

  1. The experts at greater world organizations have advised us to not touch our face, nose, and eyes as it helps in reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus. Constant touching can involve risk and put your health at stake.
  2. If you are at home or outside, clean your frames or shades with an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after wearing them.
  3. If there is irritation or itching, do not rub your eyes immediate. Stay calm and look for water and then clean them. Your immediate actions are a danger. Even if the irritation doesn’t stop – visit the doctor for a Medical Eye Test if recommended.
  4. Wash your eyes twice with water in a day at least – before sleeping and after waking up. It will cleanse your eyes properly and keep them fresh.
  5. If you are wearing contact lenses then quickly switch to glasses for a while as it can reduce irritation and pause before touching your eyes.
  6. At this hour of emergency, stock up on medication and contact lenses supplies, don’t wait for the last minute to collect everything. Take help from your pharmacist and ensure your supplies on time.
  7. Practice social distancing and take effective measures to stay safe. Do not move outside until and unless it’s urgent and maintains one-meter distance from everyone around you.

We are focused on spreading awareness to our clients and readers as AWARENESS is the most important medium of understanding the whole situation. Being in eye care health, we and our experts are always ready for you. We are back again and operating with major precautions. We are providing services in every sphere and following strict instructions in our clinic and delivering critical care to our patients.

It is our humble request that if you are developing any kind of eye injury, floaters, or flashes in your vision, even a red-eye pain or pink eye infection, then contact us and fix an appointment online. Do not wait for it to turn worst as any medical consultation at this point is indispensable.

We are with you and we shall fight this crisis together by keeping ourselves healthy and safe. Feel free to take any professional advice on Eye Care Services Near Me and eye care health-related problems and do not delay to make a visit at our clinic.

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