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At Eyes on Brickell, we know the immense importance of providing exceptional Pediatric Services in Miami, specifically designed for children. Our team of expert doctors, including Dr. Antoine Copty – a pediatric eye specialist with 10+ years of experience, are committed to providing your kid with the best possible eye care in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. We are dedicated to protecting your child’s eyesight and supporting their overall visual health.

What is Pediatric Services?

Pediatric services are a specialized branch of healthcare that specializes in the medical care and treatment of newborns, children, or young adults under the age of 18. Our specialized pediatric eye clinic in Miami includes a comprehensive range of eye-related requirements, encompassing preventive care, early detection, diagnostics, and treatment for various eye conditions commonly found in children. Our eye care professionals and other optometrists are highly skilled and have years of experience in providing comprehensive eye care services that are targeted to the specific requirements of children.

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Importance Of Pediatric Services:

  • Early Detection
    Early identification of eye issues is paramount in pediatric eye care. Regular eye checkups and screenings allow our eye care professionals to detect any potential problems early on, enabling prompt treatment and management. Timely intervention can prevent or minimize the severity of eye conditions.
  • Preventive Care
    We prioritize preventive measures such as myopia control, vision therapy, vision screenings, and ocular health evaluation. With an eye doctor for pediatrics from our team, you can get comprehensive eye examinations and can detect and correct any potential vision deficiency to prevent the development of eye issues in children.
  • Optimal Growth and Development
    Childhood is a period of rapid physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. Pediatric services cater to the specific needs of children at each stage of development, monitoring milestones, assessing cognitive progress, and promoting healthy eyesight. This proactive approach ensures a strong foundation for a healthy and good well-being.
  • Children’s Specialized Care
    Children have distinct medical needs, and our eye care practitioners are extensively trained in diagnosing and treating eye diseases and disorders specific to this age group. We understand the physiological and psychological factors unique to children, allowing us to customize medical care to their special requirements.

Our Pediatric Eye Care Services Include

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Routine Eye Exams

It is critical to monitor a child’s visual development and spot any possible eye disorders early on. Visual acuity, eye coordination, refractive errors (such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), and general eye health are all assessed during a pediatric eye exam.
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Strabismus Screening

Strabismus, often known as crossed or misaligned eyes, is a disorder in which the eyes do not align properly. Strabismus screening is performed by our pediatric eye care specialists to detect and assess this issue in youngsters. Early identification and treatment of strabismus are critical for good visual development and avoiding problems.
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Somatosensory Testing

It is a specific diagnostic process performed in pediatric patients to examine the sensory and motor functioning of the eyes and surrounding regions. It includes assessing the visual system’s sensitivity to various sensory inputs such as light, touch, and sound. This assessment assesses visual perception, eye movements, and coordination and provides useful information for identifying and treating visual problems in children.
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Vision Correction

If a kid has vision impairments that need to be corrected, our pediatric eye care experts can provide eyeglasses or contact lenses that are appropriate for their age and visual needs. They collaborate closely with children and their parents to provide the finest visual correction and comfort possible.
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Management of Eye Diseases

Pediatric services also include the management of eye illnesses and problems that impact children, such as congenital cataracts, pediatric glaucoma, retinopathy of prematurity, and genetic eye abnormalities.
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Pediatric Eye Emergencies

In case of eye emergencies like eye injury or a rapid change in vision, our pediatric eye care center in Miami is prepared to give prompt care and treatment to assist in safeguarding the child’s vision and minimize potential problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the key benefits of choosing a pediatrician for my child's eyecare needs?

A physician who specializes in eye care has particular knowledge in detecting and treating pediatric eye disorders. Pediatric eye specialists, with their extensive knowledge of pediatric eye development and common childhood eye issues, can provide child-friendly and effective care, ensuring early detection and intervention for any potential problems and, ultimately, promoting optimal eye health throughout a child’s developmental years.
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How often should I bring my child for routine eye check-ups?

After 4 years, the child should be taken to the pediatric eye doctor specialist on a yearly basis for an eye check-up.
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How do I choose the right pediatrician for my child's eye care needs?

  • Ask for referrals and recommendations
  • Verify credentials and experience
  • Easy and convenient communication
  • See how your doctor interacts with your newborn
  • Ask him or her questions about their style and philosophy of care.

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What should I expect during my child's first visit to a pediatrician?

Your baby should have his first visit to the pediatrician’s office 3 to 5 days after birth. Your baby will also be measured and weighed at this time, and will also have a physical examination by the doctor. Be prepared to answer questions about your child’s eating habits, such as how often and for how long your child eats.
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What are the common eye problems in children that pediatricians treat?

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What are the signs of possible eye allergies in children?

Here are some Allergy symptoms in a child:

  • Itchy eyes (sometimes feels like burning or stinging)
  • Increased tearing (watery eyes)
  • Red or pink eyes.
  • Mild swelling of the eyelids.
  • No discharge or a sticky, stringy, mucus discharge.
  • No pain or fever.