Eyes on Brickell: Knowing When You Need Glasses

When To Get Prescription Glasses


Many people suffer with vision problems and are simply unaware that prescription glasses, contact lenses or other treatments can easily correct them. This is often due to the fact that eye conditions tend to worsen slowly over time and may go unnoticed if you miss your regular eye exam. The best time to inquire about getting glasses is if you notice any unusual changes in your vision, such as blurriness, headaches, or difficulty seeing while driving at night.

Eye Exams And Prescription Glasses Near Me

It’s recommended you visit your Local Brickell Optometrist and have a comprehensive eye exam once a year. This will help diagnose any vision problems you may have and determine what prescription you need to correct your vision. Your optometrist’s office should have a wide range of frames, including designer brands and more affordable options based on your budget. If you don’t know which frames will work for you, our staff is always happy to help choose a pair that is in your price range, suits you and fits your lifestyle.

Are Eye Glasses Covered By Medicaid?

Yes, Medicaid’s visual services cover both eye exams and eye glasses, eye glass repair services, contact lenses and prosthetic eyes.

Are Prescription Glasses The Same As Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses, such as those you can purchase at the pharmacy, have the same prescription in each lens. However, most people have stronger vision in one eye than the other, so reading glasses don’t offer a complete solution. Prescription glasses are ordered by your optometrist to exactly match your specific visual needs in order to give you optimal vision in both eyes. 

Prescription Glasses vs. Contacts

Choosing between glasses and contact lenses comes down to personal preference for most people. Contacts offer more natural vision, perfect peripheral vision, comfort and a natural look – but they can be more expensive than glasses. Glasses require less care, can be a great fashion statement and more affordable – but can be an inconvenience for athletes, a limitation on your peripheral vision and annoying to wear in the rain. 

Are Eyeglasses Prescriptions And Contact Prescriptions The Same?

Your contact lens prescription will always be different to your eye glasses prescription because your eye glass lenses are positioned an additional 12mm away from your eyes.

Visit Your Brickell Optometrist For Eye Exams And Prescription Eyeglasses

At Eyes on Brickell, we’re experts in providing specialist, friendly services for anyone looking for high quality care and affordable solutions. Our eye care specialists can assist you with your annual eye exam, contact lens and eyeglass fittings, allergy screenings, LASIK and more. The health insurance providers we currently accept at our vision center include Medicare, Vision Service Plan (VSP), Opticare, Eye Med Vision Care and many more. To find out more about our practice, please Contact Us today at one of our locations.

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