Total Whole Body Eye Formula


Help reduces daily dry eye irritation with essential Omega Fatty Acids, Marine Lipid Oil, and more.



Optimal eye health is key to leading an active and fulfilled life, and protecting our eyesight becomes a priority as we age. The eye is one of the body’s most susceptible organs; vulnerable to changes caused by aging as well as anti-oxidant damage.* We created the Total Whole Body Eye Formula to exceed just these eye specific needs by combining our Eye Formula with a comprehensive multi-vitamin. All Doctors Optimal Formula ophthalmic products are not only developed to treat eye disease, but also to be used daily for over-all eye health.

Many patients need the benefit of an AREDS 2 formula to battle macular degenration in addition to daily multivitamin, but are worried about consuming an excess of certain Vitamins/Minerals. Our Total Whole Body Eye Formula was created to meet this need. This formula incorporates the ocular nutrients of AREDS 2, plus a comprehensive multi-vitamin, with key nutrients including Omegas, Co-Q10, Meso-Zeazanthin, Lutein, and Zeazanthin in ratios that have been shown to support eye health. These, and many more ingredients in the Total Whole Body Eye Formula, are essential in preventative eye health in treatment for AMD as well as overall whole body health. All of our products contain only natural herbal extracts that have shown no interaction with prescription medications.*


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