Telemedicine Consultation often referred to as telehealth or e-medicine is typically the remote delivery of healthcare services, including exams and consultations over telecommunication. Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients without the need for an in-person visit.

Telemedicine has indeed become prominent in the current times. Telehealth virtual appointments are easy and convenient. A virtual visit with your doctor from your smartphone or computer ensures privacy and safety.

Virtual Appointments:

This facility enables you to have an appointment through a phone call or video conference. You can often have valid prescriptions to use a specific product through professionals.

How to get started with a Telemedicine Consultation?

  • Step 1: Schedule your appointment only at Make an Appointment
  • Step 2: Download Whatsapp from the app store or android store.
  • Step 3: Our Doctor will call you within 5 mins of your schedule appointment via whatsapp.

Benefits of Telemedicine Consultation:

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Easy access to both patients and doctors

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Comfort and convenience

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Medical access for all

Eyes on Brickell Offers Telemedicine Consultation Service

Eyes on Brickell provide advanced, comprehensive care for a wide range of visual problems from Red eye treatment to Cosmetic consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Eyes on Brickell allow telehealth?

Yes, Eyes on Brickell does allow telehealth and telemedicine appointments. You can meet with an expert eye doctor at Eyes on Brickell by using your smartphone or computer. You can get a valid prescription through our online consultations via Telehealth.
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Are Telehealth appointments generally the same as an in-person visit?

Telehealth appointments are considered the same as an in-person visit and per CMS, require real-time communication between providers and patients using both audio and video. However in certain circumstances an in person appointment is needed and will be communicated to you by our doctors.
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Do I have to be an existing patient of Eyes on Brickell to get an online consultation?

No, however for certain consultations such as management of a Chronic ocular or medical condition it is required.
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How Can I Get An Online Prescription in Florida?

You must have an online medical consultation with a licensed doctor before you can receive a valid prescription. At Eyes on Brickell, you can book a telemedicine appointment with a professional eye specialist in Florida.
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What kind of conditions can be treated via telehealth?

This is an evolving question and as technology gets better so will our ability to treat our patients. Currently we can treat a wide range of conditions from Red eye issues to cosmetic treatments options.
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How much is a Telehealth consultation? Do you accept insurance for Telehealth consultation?

Telehealth Consultation is currently priced as of 1/2022 is $59 and we do not accept any health insurance for a telehealth consultation.